The Definitive NES Black Box Variant Guide

Nintendo would change the course of pop culture history forever with the release of the NES and its classic "Black Box"…

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November 2018 Updates

The Wata team has been busy traveling around, and some of that time was spent exhibiting at shows.

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August 2018 Updates

You may have seen us if you were at Denver Comic Con or TooManyGames in Philly -- we had some amazing historically…

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What is an “IMP?” – Mark Haspel

IMP stands for Incorrect Married Part. Married Parts and Incorrect Married Parts are different, but to fully understand…

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GSI, PSI, What Am I? – Mark Haspel

Wata Games is changing the way video games are certified. Wata does not just certify sealed games, but also cartridges…

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