The Ultimate Sports Video Game Playbook

Huddle in for some exciting news! As part of Sports Month, our team has created THE Ultimate Sports Video Game…

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WATA Packing Guidelines

We’ve updated our Packaging Guidelines to help keep your games as safe as possible during the submission process.

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The Hawaii Collection & The Singer Collection

Today, we are proud to recognize and share two new collections: The Hawaii Collection and The Singer Collection.

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Collector Op-Ed: Video Games as a Hobby—An Experience Worth Collecting

As a hobby, video game collecting involves searching, locating, acquiring, organizing, displaying and securing games…

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The Atwood Collection

Wata is proud to announce the third collection recognized on the Wata label: The Atwood Collection.

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Collector Op-Ed: Wata Crossovers

As a sealed game collector, condition is king and higher grades command higher prices.

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Policy Update – “IMP” Improvement

Before designing the Wata case or label, we consulted over two dozen advanced collectors and high-end video game…

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Named Collections – “Pedigrees” and “Collections”

At WATA Games, we have been asked many times about the difference between the terms “Collection” and……

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The Carolina Collection

You may have seen a new designation on Wata's labels, specifically "The Carolina Collection." What is The Carolina…

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The Indiana Collection

The Indiana Collection is the first such collection of video games to surface since Wata certification has existed.

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