With over 35 million collectibles certified, PSA authenticates a vast array of signatures, ranging from athletes and coaches to historical moments and Hollywood stars. Combining decades of experience with cutting-edge authentication techniques and a deep passion for the hobby, PSA continues to deliver a service collectors prefer.

And now, thanks to a shared effort between WATA and the PSA/DNA team, collectors can add our industry-leading autograph authentication services to signed WATA submissions within a singular order for a small additional charge of $29.99. Collectors can also submit signed items that do not have witnessed autos, a category no other authenticator currently accepts.

This is a substantial improvement over the former process that was in place for submitters with autographed media, which involved submitting the same item two separate times, placing two different orders, and shipping a submission back and forth to Santa Ana twice to achieve the same result. 

Now that these services can be combined, you can add certainty to your treasured collection without switching to expert mode. It’s as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Start your WATA order here
  2. Choose your service tier and Declared Value
  3. Select the option to add on Autograph Authentication
  4. Place your order and finish the checkout process
  5. Ship your order to WATA, and we’ll take care of the rest

Submit your autographed items today!

Regarding autographed items, WATA’s policies are receiving a few updates:

  1. Moving forward, only PSA/DNA add-on submission signatures (limit 5) will appear on the item’s label
  2. If the item’s signature(s) have been previously authenticated by another authenticating institution such as Beckett, JSA, athlete & celebrity specific companies, etc. will still need to go through this PSA/DNA add-on process to have the signature(s) appear on the label. This also includes items previously authenticated by PSA/DNA
    • The reason for this policy change is that we cannot verify the authenticity of the signature(s) when they were authenticated by an institution in the past. In addition, counterfeit stickers exist with valid certification numbers, which also require fresh authentication to re-verify authenticity
    • This is identical to our policy regarding video game or other media crossovers. Once the item has been re-evaluated by WATA, we consider it as authentic. However, that re-evaluation must occur as we cannot pass on another institution’s authentication approval without in being re-evaluated by WATA
  3. If an item has signature(s) and the customer does not select the PSA/DNA add-on at initial order and declines a customer service request to add the add-on to their order, the item’s label will not reference the signature(s) at all
  4. In order to have PSA/DNA Autograph Authentication added to your existing WATA graded item, a new submission is required and not a reholder submission