WATA Cert Verification Is Here

Heya, choom. Looking to grab some new hardware? Always check your chrome before you bolt it in—even if you trust the seller. If you find yourself eyeing some new cybercandy, just check the cert verification, drop it into the field, and make sure that firmware ain’t gonna melt your interface jack.

* * *
Anyone can fail a perception check on holdered items. One of the best ways to protect yourself — whether you’re a dealer looking to put stock on the shelves, a collector trying to find the last game to fill out your immaculate inventory, or you’re curious about graded collectibles in general — is to utilize certification verification tools. It’s the best way to ensure your online and in-person transactions are safe.

Cert verification is a straightforward tool, and it only takes a few seconds to use.

Anytime you see a game in a WATA holder, grab the 9-digit cert verification number located on the bottom left corner of the front label on our new holders. On Legacy Holders (before June 2023), you’ll find the numbers on the back to the left of the “Grade Details” box. Type this number into the field on the page, or if you have a scanner, you can use that, too.

Click “Verify.” If the game you’re searching has an active cert, you’ll see the following information:

Certification Number
Game Details

  • Name
  • Year
  • Publisher
  • Platform
  • Country of Release

Grade Details

  • Box
  • Seal


  • Exception
  • Box
  • Cartridge (if applicable)

And that’s it! You’ll know the game you’re looking at is genuine, and has been authenticated by WATA’s world-class team of experts. You’ve got plenty of info to throw into your personal database on your quest to catch ‘em all. And you can feel confident dropping some creds at your favorite collectibles shop on the Citadel.

A note from Dan Gomez, Head of Authentication: “Cert verification is an integral part of WATA’s commitment to bringing transparency and confidence to the hobby. Our dedication starts at the inception of our service. Your games are thoroughly researched to ensure you know what print it is you own. But it wouldn’t be complete without our industry-leading authentication and grading. All of the information one would need to know is printed directly on our labels. Together, along with our population reports, cert verification gives people the final tool necessary to feel confident in their participation in this incredible hobby.”