Welcome to WATAGraphs™! 

WATAGraphs™  is a program that guarantees the authenticity of signatures and provides unique, one-of-a-kind opportunities for you to get your video games signed by your favorite artists, voice actors, designers, athletes, celebrities, and other amazing video game related talent!

Every signature is witnessed in person by either a WATA representative or one of our Authorized WATAGraphs™ Witnesses. Our in-person authentication process guarantees authenticity and assures you that every game with a WATAGraphs™ label was autographed in the presence of a WATA representative.

WATAGraphs™ games are uniquely identified by their labels. Each WATAGraphs™ label is numbered according to the signing quantity (1 of 25, 2 of 25, etc.) The WATAGraphs™ text stands out in large text under the title, silver Flow holograms display the grade, and all WATAGraphs™ items are tracked and can be verified on our public registry found at the bottom of this blog post

How does it work? 


Want to buy WATAGraphs™? – Our Authorized WATAGraphs™ Witnesses are selling their WATAGraphs™ on their own sites. Click here to see what our partners are offering.

Want to partner with us on a WATAGraphs™ signing event? If you want to make your own WATAGraphs™ offering and facilitate signings, or are interested in becoming an Authorized WATAGraphs™ Witness, simply email us at [email protected]

What requirements exist?

All WATAGraphs™ signings must be pre-approved and have a minimum requirement of at least 25 games for each autograph opportunity. All WATAGraphs™ in a series must be the same title, but may vary across console and state (Sealed/CIB/Loose). It is up to the Authorized WATAGraphs™ Partners to determine what mix of consoles and states will constitute the signings; the mix of consoles and states will be tracked in the public registry mentioned later. 

If you’re interested in submitting games that are already signed, we certainly accept those and they may be submitted under the regular service tier. If your games are not pre-authenticated by another service, they will be noted as such on the WATA label; if they are not pre-authenticated, they may also be submitted but the autographs will not be authenticated through WATA nor PSA Autograph and will be noted as “Unverified.” While both of these types of submissions are accepted, neither qualify for the WATAGraphs program, which is reserved to signings pre-approved by WATA for inclusion in the WATAGraphs program.



What else?

Event-based signings will notate on the label which event they were signed at. Additionally, game variants will be placed on the back of the label as opposed to the front.


Public Registry

All WATAGraphs™ events and signings will be tracked in the public registry below. The registry provides insights into the mix of games and grading results for each signing, as well as images from the signing event.