The new holder is finally HERE!!

In case you haven’t seen our previous blog post, we want to recap the most important takeaways for your next submission:

  • All orders placed from here on out will go in the new holder
  • Orders that were placed before April 24 must show a delivery date to Collectors HQ by May 15 in order to go in the Legacy holder. If any of these orders are received after May 15, they will go in the new holder.
  • All “Reholder” orders that are received as Legacy holders will be re-holdered in a New holder. 
  • Some games can only be encapsulated in the Legacy holder but will not be discontinued; they will continue to be open for submission and placed in Legacy holders. These include SNES Cartridges, Japanese N64 boxes, small box PC, and oversized/special edition DVD-style games.
  • The next opportunity to submit games for the Legacy holder, including Legacy holder “Reholders,” will be announced on social media and in the newsletter.


With the new holder we’re also rolling out four new platforms! Added to the lineup are some long-awaited platforms: 3DS, PS Vita, PSP, and Game Gear.



*These new sizes will not be available in the legacy holder when the option is available. 

The new holders are optimized to 6 different models that minimize the footprint while securely and aesthetically accommodating each game style and size. The breakdown of models are (names are unofficial):

Case #1: The Big Kahuna 

  • Holds Atari, Genesis clamshells, longbox PS1, Sega CD / Saturn


Case #2: The Classic

  • Holds NES, PSP, Game Gear, PS Vita, TurboGrafx, and all Blu-Ray style games (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, etc.)

Case #3: The Handheld

  • Holds Game Boy, DS, NES Cartridges, and Double Jewel games

Case #4: The Side Scroller

  • Holds N64 and SNES games

Case #5 The Tall, Thin, and Handsome

  • Holds all DVD-style games (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Wii, etc.)

Case #6: The Super Slim

  • Holds 3DS and all Jewel Case games (PS1, Dreamcast, PC)