Small box PC grading is here! Here are some dos and don’ts of what can be submitted. 

As a standard rule, anything you submit has to fit in the dimensions: 

  • width: 5.379 inches
  • height: 7.540 inches
  • depth: up to 1.340 inches max

If you submit something that doesn’t fit this size, your game will be returned and refunded minus a $15 evaluation fee. We also aren’t accepting diskette (floppy) games at this time. Games must only be PC-CD ROM, PC-DVD or Mac. 

So what qualifies? Single DVD, Double DVD, Jewel Case and Slip Sleeve all make the cut. If you are submitting one of these but don’t see your game listed in the submission game list, select ‘Placeholder PC Game’ or ‘Placeholder Mac Game’ instead. 

Our entry into PC grading  is a game changer. Why? Thousands of games originally released on PC never made it to home consoles. Many releases have also gone unnoticed and have been lost to time. Preserving them is of utmost importance, and now easier than ever! 

We’ve dedicated countless hours to ensuring you are not just provided the most consistent and transparent grading and authentication in the industry, but as with all consoles we expand to, we will continue to provide you with the definitive source of truth for all variant information. 

WATA takes pride in offering new services responsibly (like modern grading), meaning we only certify what we know well. Small box PC has been a project months in the making, and we’ll continue to build-out our knowledge base and database to offer more services in the future.

So yes, this is just the beginning of new sizes. Stay tuned!