Rocket Knight Adventures Variant Guide

Written by Dan Gomez



We’re pleased to announce the discovery of a new variant for Rocket Knight Adventures for the Sega Genesis. As we continue to be trail blazers in video game education in the hobby, finding new variants for vintage games is one of the most rewarding accomplishments a researcher can have. You truly get that “Aha!” moment.

What we have today is quite the subtle variant, so it’s no surprise it has gone undetected for so long. The only difference between the two are the number of digits the UPC contains, 10 and 12. We believe the 10-digit UPC variant was likely produced first. Once Konami noticed the error, 12-Digit copies were likely produced thereafter. We know it should contain 12 because standard UPC’s use a 12-digit system (known as GTIN-12). If one were to scan the barcode, it would scan to the full 12-digits, not the 10 digits the error print suggests. We’ve taken a close look at the cartridges and manuals contained within and they appear to be identical. Take a look at our guide below. Hope you enjoy!