WATA Games Crossover Census

The table below represents the overwhelming majority of VGA graded games which have been crossed by collectors to WATA. The purpose of this page is to offer collectors a transparent and comprehensive view of the games which have been crossed to WATA. In addition, this allows other grading companies to update their population reports (if and when they are released) to not include game copies which are no longer in their cases. Just as we set the industry standards for grading and authentication, we are setting a standard of openness and transparency with population and crossover data to provide the collecting community the most accurate and clean data view of graded populations as possible.

This page will continue to be updated over time to reflect new crossovers as well as backfilling currently blank cells to include more VGA certification numbers. In addition, once a meaningful number of crossovers from other grading companies have been crossed over to WATA, equivalent data will be added to reflect those crossovers as well.