CIB (Complete In Box) Grading Changes


Creating our new CIB offering is about creating access and allowing collectors of all types create trophies from their memories. And perhaps the grade isn’t what matters, which is why we’re rolling out alongside the new CIB service a Genuine “GEN” Only grading option. But this is also about bringing the focus of grading back to its core and what we’ve always said, but what has been obfuscated by competing narratives. For almost all of us it starts with nostalgia, but in our collecting journeys it often evolves into more. It becomes about pride, about preservation, about a renewed appreciation for more than just playing the game. Whether that be the box art and artists, the packaging, the lore, the designers & composers, the controversies, the memes, the personal accolades associated with the game – everyone has a different, often personal reason for why they grade a specific game. 

We want to reinforce what we’ve said for a long time – grading is not for everyone, and not every game is meant for grading. But for those who have or seek out that deeper appreciation for everything games are, we’re here to enhance the journey and enable the evocation of positive, warm, childlike emotions by freezing your relics of nostalgia in time. And sometimes there’s no other reason than “it’s just…cool.” And that’s okay. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if it’s CIB, Sealed, just the cartridge, if it’s mint or beat, if you’re an avid gamer or you haven’t played a childhood game in over a decade, if you grade everything or keep it all raw. If you love video games, their history, and this hobby, then we’re on the same team.

CIB Standard vs. CIB Plus

 If you are submitting under the new CIB tier, please be mindful of the differences between the new tier and CIB Plus. Here’s a quick comparison chart of the two services:

One of the most stark differences you’ll notice is that all CIBs, regardless of tier, now receive Green grade backings while the sealed game grades remain Blue.

With our new CIB service, we grade only the Box, Cart/Disc, and Manual. This streamlined process services the majority of submitted items and allows collectors a more affordable option for those games that may not be jam-packed with inserts. Any inserts (including but not limited to maps, posters, warranty cards, baggies, and dust sleeves) will be encapsulated with the game but not listed on the label or dashboard – we will not send these items back separately. This also means that GSIs are neither listed on the label nor graded separately. If you have a more “complete” game with inserts and/or GSIs, we recommend submitting with the CIB Plus add-on.

Also with our new CIB service, Cart/Disc & Manual variants are not listed on the label. Instead, the Box variant is listed along with a qualifier about the Cart & Disc (components). After the Box variant, the next variant line will either state that the game has “Matching Components,” meaning the submitted Cart and Manual properly match the Box variant, or “Non-Matching Components (IMP)” followed by the type of IMP. IMPs recognized this way will also receive IMP Flows/grades. For submitters who want all the variants listed out, including GSIs with sub-grades, we still offer this through the CIB Plus add-on.

Above you can see the front and back images for two CIB games submitted under the standard CIB tier. Below, you can find images for CIB games submitted under the standard CIB tier that received IMP designations.

Finally, with the CIB Plus add-on you get additional features that you don’t get with a standard CIB submission. In addition to the changes explained above, you receive pre-grading photos of all the components uploaded to your dashboard.