PCEWorks Rondo of Blood Reproduction


In June of 2021, WATA mistakenly authenticated a PCEWorks Castlevania: Rondo of Blood reproduction (Cert #580191-001). We learned about the PCEWorks reproductions shortly after grading and have taken steps to ensure we will be able to identify these types of reproductions from that point forward. The WATA team is also attempting to retrieve the game to ensure it is removed from our holder and the certification is voided. 

Unfortunately, although rare, mistakes do happen. But isolated authentication mistakes certainly aren’t representative of our services as a whole or the values we stand for. At WATA, we take pride in spearheading new authentication methods, which allow us to stay ahead of continually advancing counterfeiting methods, while providing a world-class certification service to collectors. On the rare occasion we make a mistake such as this, we strive to learn from our mistakes and ensure we do not make them twice. 

We take a proactive stance and—where possible—attempt to work with submitters and sellers alike to appropriately remove items like this from the marketplace when new learnings and discoveries impact already graded items. Similarly, when issues like this are brought to our attention, we do our best to work with owners to address any mistakes and related issues so we are able to stand by the integrity of our product and service. 


Stance on Homebrews & ROM Hacks


Although reproduction games were never allowable, some homebrews and ROM hacks submissions had historically been allowed on one-off bases under former WATA policy, such as Pokémon Liquid Crystal Version. Typically, these infrequent requests resulted in one graded example of a title before it would later be permanently removed from our databases. In 2021, based on the risk and implication grading these types of games posed, we decided to deny future requests and outline clearer guidelines around what games WATA will and will not accept for submission going forward. For instance, the criteria of forbidden items would extend to prohibit any games that contained unauthorized assets/IP, such as Pokémon Liquid Crystal Version, while homebrews containing original assets/code or ROM hacks that have received licensing/approval for said assets are still allowed to be submitted with proof of licensing/approval. 


For further information, questions about what types of submissions are allowable under WATA policy, or general inquiries please contact us at [email protected]