Population Report Update Now Live!


Get ready for the knowledge tsunami…the next wave of population reports are here. We’ve worked nonstop over the past several months to bring you what you’ve been looking forward to, and more! Here are the new features in this update

More consoles –
We’ve doubled the amount of consoles by adding 13 more to the roster. We’ve also updated the existing consoles to current as of December 2022.

CIB POPS now available –
2023 will be CIB’s time to shine and what better to kick it off than with, for the first time ever, CIB pop reports. Get those games ready for big news in 2023. Wondering what a CIB is? Start here!

Loose POPS now available –
Also for the first time ever, some of the most anticipated loose games available now!

POP 0 Titles –
Ever wonder which sealed games we’ve never seen come through our facility? Knowing is now it’s easier than ever! Pop 0 games are now listed in the population report. Time to start hunting those population 0 games.

POP 0 Variants –
We pride ourselves in being the only video game grading company that actively contributes to the hobby by spearheading video game research. Over the past year, WATA has discovered hundreds of variants previously unknown by the community. Our Pop reports now reflect some of these variants with more being added in soon.

Variants simplified –
To reach both veteran and new collectors we’ve simplified our variant naming. Now it will only reflect the information that is required to define a variant, making it easier for users to find and understand variants.

Accuracy above all –
Producing the only publicly available Pop report in the hobby isn’t enough – it has to be as accurate as possible. Thanks to members of the community supporting our efforts, we were able to remove some of the games from the population that no longer exist in WATA holders. This helps prevent inflated population numbers that may be caused by crack outs, resubmissions, CIB marriages, etc. Thank you again to our extended WATA family.

You can find the population reportĀ here!

Hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up.

Alright, dig in!


– Dan Gomez