Written by Dan Gomez

November 30, 2022



You may remember a 2021 episode of the ‘Video Game Collectors Podcast’ I was featured on where I introduced collectors to Activision part codes. Activision part codes are a great first point of reference when searching for new variants. Because of their structured nature, you can count on them defining variants in most cases. The codes for first printings on Activision published 360 games start with 206 and increment by 1 with each subsequent printing. In the case of Black Ops, we have 206, 207, and 208. Note that Activision part codes will often reset back to 206 when there’s another major release such as Platinum Hits or Not For Resale console pack-in, at which point there may be a 206 Platinum Hits, 207 Platinum Hits, and so forth.

Having been the first to publicly decode these part codes, WATA has become an early adopter of utilizing part codes to define variants. This goes beyond just Activision games, our variants for Microsoft and Nintendo published games also feature part codes. Sometimes, part codes are the only visual difference from one print to the next. You’ll notice we also use context to define variants in addition to the part codes (When applicable). This gives variants character and makes then more interesting to convey to other collectors. (207 Part Code – Best Selling Game). Without further ado, here are the variants for Call of Duty: Black Ops.


  1. 206 Part Code

The beginnings of an iconic series in the Call of Duty franchise that sprung three more Black Ops games. The first printing in all of its glory, distinguishable by the “206” part code. If you thought these were hard to find in high grade, you weren’t wrong!


2. 207 Part Code – Best Selling Game

The release that followed added review quotes to the front cover stating, “The Best-Selling Xbox 360 Game of All-Time” We’ve shortened it a bit in our variant description to “Best Selling Game” to make it more palatable. We’ve seen this printing come with and without the first strike content pack sticker.

3. 208 Part Code – Best Selling Franchise

This print also had the review quotes but instead says “Best-Selling Xbox 360 Franchise of All-Time.”

4. Platinum Hits

There is currently only one Platinum Hits release that we know of at this time. We have not yet graded any copies of this variant.

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Census Date: 10/31/2022