Mario Party 8 Variant Guide

Written by Dan Gomez

November 21, 2022




The North American version of Mario Party 8 has two major variants. The first print is easily recognizable via the Nintendo logo on the front cover. It was initially released with a red Nintendo logo and had a part code of 61605A. While not always applicable to all Wii games across the board, the “A” appended to the end in this case defines it as the first print. We can see a trend in first party Wii games where the logo changed from red to white during this era. Notice the part code on the white Nintendo logo variant is 61605B. The part code incrementing to “B” along with the logo color change to white shows a clear and linear timeline from one printing to the next.

9.6 A+ is currently the ceiling for Mario Party 8, with only 17 first print “Red Nintendo Logo” copies graded overall. We’ve also graded an additional 23 second print “White Nintendo Logo” copies, for a grand total of 40 sealed copies graded across both prints. That’s not very many if you ask me!