Jak and Daxter Variant Guide

Written by Dan Gomez

November 18, 2022




There are four variants of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy we recognize here at WATA. Two of which are standard “black label” releases and two more that are Greatest Hits. Keep reading to see the differences in each one!


The first two prints are identical in terms of packaging with exception of the “Choose Your Adventure Sweepstakes” sticker. The sweepstakes sticker is what the community considers to be the first printing of the game. Games would often launch with special promotions that were available for a limited time. Typically, a set number of games would be packaged with promotions, or once the promotion ran its course, these promotional stickers would no longer be applied. The sweepstakes was set to expire on 6/30/02, which is roughly 7 months after the launch date of Jak and Daxter. This means that any copies produced after this date would no longer have the sticker, as the sweepstakes had now ended.


The Greatest Hits version of the game was released in an era when Sony security labels were still being used in packaging. However, at some point down the road it was reprinted after Sony ceased applying security labels on games. We refer to these variants as “Greatest Hits – Sony Security Label” and “Greatest Hits – No Sony Security Label”


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