WATA Packaging Guide


Here are our best practices for packing your video game submissions. We love these games as much as you do, so follow our advice to make sure they get in our graders’ hands in the same condition as you sent them. 

Please note that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your packages being rejected and sent back to you or a delay in your order being processed. 


  • Shipping Label – Submit your order online first. Then print out the confirmation pages to include in your box. 
    • NOTE: You’ll notice a QR code on the form. This is NOT something any shipper uses to create a label for you. The service you purchased is authentication, grading, encapsulation and return shipping from us. You’re responsible for shipping the game to us using your preferred shipping method. Once it gets to our dock doors, we’ll take care of everything else from there. 
  • Ship the game to us using one of these addresses:

If shipping via FedEx, UPS & DHL:



1610 E St. Andrew Pl.

Suite 150

Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States

(800) 976-9182


If shipping via USPS (or international post that will transfer to USPS):



P.O. Box 6180

Newport Beach, CA 92658


  • Outside the Box – Pack your submission in an unused and sturdy cardboard box. Please do not reuse old boxes. Please do not write things like “High Value – Handle with Care” on the outside of the box. You do not need to write your WATA order number, service tier, or any other information on the exterior of your box. Use packaging tape or security tape to completely close the box. Definitely do not use other adhesive materials, like painter’s tape, Scotch Tape, or tape that has been previously used.
  • Inside the Box – 
    • Order form – Please print out the order confirmation page with the order number and include that in the box (Note: we can’t look up an order just by name or address. Without the order number, your order will be significantly delayed).
    • Bubble wrapped games – We strongly recommend you wrap your items in plenty of bubble wrap, making sure that all surfaces of the game are protected by bubble wrap. Use as little tape as possible on the bubble wrap which is protecting your game. A little goes a long way here and limits the opportunity for tape to contact your game’s seal upon unboxing. 
    • Styrofoam – A layer of packing peanuts at the bottom and sides of the box will go a long way in protecting your games.
    • Box Protectors – If using box protectors or hard acrylic cases to protect your games during shipment, please note that these items will not be returned to you.
  • Extra Protection and Pro Tips – 
    • Double-boxing your order can help add an extra layer of protection. Fully pack your order in an appropriate-sized box before putting that box in a larger box, with packaging material surrounding the interior box on all sides.
    • Make sure items are not packed too tightly as this can cause damage if mishandled. Avoid bundling multiple games together in bubble wrap unless they are protected by plastic box protectors, acrylic hard cases, or plastic bags.


  • Wait for iiiiiiit… – 
    • Once your order arrives and is marked delivered by your carrier, it may take a couple of business days before your order shows “scanned” in your WATA dashboard. As long as your package has arrived to us, it is stored safely and securely regardless of how long it takes to be updated to “scanned”.
    • Packages are not deliverable on weekends. Your carrier will re-attempt delivery on a subsequent business day and we will receive the package at that time.


We’re excited to get your games into our hands, and get them back into your hands as quickly as we can. All packages are opened under direct camera feed in a clean and secure environment.