Attention all WATA submitters! We’ve updated our Packaging Guidelines to help keep your games as safe as possible during the submission process. If you have any questions please let us know.

  1. Pack your submission(s) ina new, sturdy cardboard box with your Online Submission Center confirmation page(s) inside (without the necessary paperwork, your order will be delayed). Please do not reuse old boxes.
  2. If using Styrofoam pellets to pack the items, please be sure the items are bound together so they do not scatter and shift inside the box during shipping.
  3. Make sure items are not packed too tightly as this can cause damage if mishandled.
  4. It is recommended to wrap items in plenty of bubble wrap and avoid using any tape.
  5. Use packaging tape or security tape to completely seal all edges on the outside of the box. Do not use painter’s tape, Scotch Tape, or tape that has been previously used.
  6. Write the order number (found on your Online Submission Center confirmation page) on the outside of the box.
Please note: Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your packages being rejected and sent back to you or a delay in your order being processed. Please be mindful of these guidelines when packaging your next submission to Wata.