The Ultimate Sports Video Game Playbook

Huddle in for some exciting news! As part of Sports Month, our team has created THE Ultimate Sports Video Game Playbook.

WATA Packing Guidelines

We’ve updated our Packaging Guidelines to help keep your games as safe as possible during the submission process.

The Hawaii Collection & The Singer Collection

Today, we are proud to recognize and share two new collections: The Hawaii Collection and The Singer Collection.

Collector Op-Ed: Video Games as a Hobby—An Experience Worth Collecting

As a hobby, video game collecting involves searching, locating, acquiring, organizing, displaying and securing games based on a specific purpose.

The Atwood Collection

Wata is proud to announce the third collection recognized on the Wata label: The Atwood Collection.

Collector Op-Ed: Wata Crossovers

As a sealed game collector, condition is king and higher grades command higher prices.

Policy Update – “IMP” Improvement

Before designing the Wata case or label, we consulted over two dozen advanced collectors and high-end video game dealers about what they would like the Wata product to look like through product…

Named Collections – “Pedigrees” and “Collections”

At WATA Games, we have been asked many times about the difference between the terms “Collection” and “Pedigree.”

The Carolina Collection

You may have seen a new designation on Wata's labels, specifically "The Carolina Collection." What is The Carolina Collection and why is it noted on our labels? 

The Indiana Collection

The Indiana Collection is the first such collection of video games to surface since Wata certification has existed.

The Definitive NES Black Box Variant Guide

Nintendo would change the course of pop culture history forever with the release of the NES and its classic "Black Box" series that debuted with 17 games, all sharing a similar style so-called for…

November 2018 Updates

The Wata team has been busy traveling around, and some of that time was spent exhibiting at shows.

August 2018 Updates

You may have seen us if you were at Denver Comic Con or TooManyGames in Philly -- we had some amazing historically significant and high-end games on display, and we got to meet some great collectors…

What is an “IMP?” – Mark Haspel

IMP stands for Incorrect Married Part. Married Parts and Incorrect Married Parts are different, but to fully understand what an Incorrect Married Part is, we must first begin by exploring what a…

GSI, PSI, What Am I? – Mark Haspel

Wata Games is changing the way video games are certified. Wata does not just certify sealed games, but also cartridges and CIBs.